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LOGOSEnvironmental Management System (SGA) in Cala Galdana

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The City Council of Ferreries, loyal to its commitment to environmental improvement, has already approved several actions and projects such as Local Agenda 21 and in particular those with regard to the control of its beaches. Cala Galdana is an excellent example of this, considering the fact it is awarded the Blue Flag by the ADEAC-FEE year in and year out. In October 2008, it was given a new Environmental Management System, certified in accordance with regulation UNE EN ISO 14001:2004, awarding municipal management of Cala Galdana beach. From that moment the AENOR Green Flag has flown over this beach. This allows visitors to quickly confirm that this beach complies with the environmental requirements included in this international standard, which covers aspects such as solid waste management, the control of wastewater filtrations, the quality of the waters in swimming area, the reduction of water use, as well as other actions that would certainly have an impact on the beach.
Currently, Cala Galdana has obtained the certified in accordance with regulation UNE EN ISO 14001:2015.

Certification of the Environmental Management System (SGA) of a beach according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard requires contemplation of many environmental issues, complying with current legislation, continuous improvements, and communication and raising awareness among all agents involved, including civil servants and beach-goers. All this is laid out in the Environmental Policy signed by the City Council and approved in a Plenary Session.
Currently, there are about 200 beaches around Spain with SGA certificates awarded by AENOR, where Green Flags fly, and Ferreries has been a pioneer in the Balearic Islands together with three other municipal areas in Menorca (Alaior, Ciutadella and Es Mercadal), as well as another beach in Ibiza. Therefore, a total of 10 beaches with an SGA certificate, with several more on the way, confirm Menorca's commitment to environmentally-friendly quality tourism, as shown in its declaration as a Biosphere Reserve awarded by the UNESCO MAB programme in 1993.

Environmental policy
Guide for adequate practices
Blue Flag (How to interpret flags)
Swimming area water quality (CAIB analytic results)
Environmental information in neighbouring natural areas
Environmental education
Rescue service hours

We hope to receive collaboration and commitment from both residents and visitors regarding the environmental management of Cala Galdana beach. Please use bins and containers to to maximize cleanliness and recycling, respect native flora and fauna, reduce the use of water and other resources, avoid making excessive noise, etc. Furthermore, you should respect the established rules as shown on the panels and available information at the beach and follow the advice and instructions of the Rescue Service Staff.

Should you have any suggestions, comments, complaints or proposals regarding the environmental management of our beaches, do not hesitate to visit our council offices at C/ Sant Bartomeu 55, 07750 Ferreries, telephone number: 971.37.30.03 or via e-mail: general@ajferreries.org / governacio@ajferreries.org 



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